Beyond the Neon 

Investigative Thriller Feature | Post Prod. 

Co-Written with Woodrow Hancock III

A controversial influencer performs a dangerous social experiment to expose sex trafficking in Las Vegas


Love at First Spite 

Feature Rom-Com | Production

Co-Written with Jordan Imiola & Ian Longway

A pretentious bride and groom get thwarted on their wedding day when a secret is revealed by a deceased relative

Misc. America 

Feature Action-Adventure Comedy 

In this patriotic road trip comedy, an undocumented immigrant from Latvia

races across America's west to earn her freedom by the Fourth of July

High Heals 

Feature Comedy

On the eve of retirement, two Colorado women dive into the marijuana business in this competitive stoner comedy designed for potheads and their grandchildren to enjoy together.


Episodic Dramedy

Against the set piece of modern restaurant work, this anthology explores the different ways people are "86'd" from society, such as: 

  • an entitled millennial gets "cancelled" in a Monica Lewinsky-esque scandal

  • a non-binary person redefines what it means to be "Rich" 

  • an undocumented busboy falls through the cracks of immigration and broken dishes.

Red and Blue Fireworks